Bat Dining Chair, Wood Base - Front Upholstered in Crisp 04115

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Item Number: 10040862

The Bat Dining Chair is created with a Scandinavian approach to crafts, simplicity and functionalism by Danish-Italian design-duo GamFratesi. The embracing shell with armrests equally embodies both aesthetics and comfort while carrying strong references to the interesting and distinctive shape of a bat’s wingspan.

The wide range of shell colours, upholstery options and diverse bases provides for a personalised expression that makes the Bat Dining Chair fit perfectly into a variety of public and private contexts.

Due to its unique design, the textile of the front upholstered Bat Dining Chair can be changed with time to give the chair a different expression and new life to the interior decoration.

This Designers Choice product features a Black Stained Beech wood base, New Beige Shell and upholstery in Crisp, Gabriel (04115).