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The Coco Collection

Originally designed in response to a self-initiated challenge by a studio known for working in wood, the Coco Chair by OEO Studio is an exercise in reduction, using tubular steel to create the simplest possible chair frame. A sculptural seat and backrest add a welcoming and human feel, and a collection is born, and named ‘Coco’ after its distinctive feminine silhouette.


The whole structure is lightweight enough to be moved easily making it highly functional as well as elegant. The understated and yet playful two-piece design of the Coco Collection fits into any interior and offers endless options for upholstery in two tones or one, so you can make it your own.

Stackable & Durable

The newest version of the Coco Dining Chair stacks up to 10 high, making perfect for dynamic spaces – and its Level 2 certification gives it the durability to handle even the most demanding environments.

Collaboration with GUBI

As longstanding friends of Jacob Gubi’s, OEO Studio’s co-founders Thomas Lykke and Anne-Marie Buemann, reached out to GUBI with the early germ of an idea – sketches drawn in Tango, Kyoto prefecture. 

The Coco Collection is the result of true collaboration, with GUBI and OEO Studio working hand-in-hand from the earliest seed of an idea through to the execution of a comprehensive and commercial collection.

A playful chair with character

Coco has its own distinctive style and design language. Its strong silhouette allows for dressing the chair up in a bold manner or creating a more classic toned down look. Its backrest and armrest embrace the sitter and provide a warm, welcoming feel. And the comfort is really amazing – you can sit in it for hours.

Unfolding an original armchair design into a full collection

In designing a sushi restaurant in Copenhagen, for which they had already specified the Coco Dining Chair and Coco Dining Armchair, OEO Studio realized they also needed a barstool with a backrest that would offer comfort to diners and bar guests – something that was not easy to find. They designed the Coco Bar Chair – and the Coco Lounge Chair followed shortly afterwards.


Designed by OEO Studio

 “As a designer you tend to have your favorite materials – we are known for our passion for wood. We had never designed a metal chair before Coco, and it was a great challenge to come up with a fresh “new” look made out of tubular steel. We wanted the frame of the Coco Chair to create its own design language that one could connect with. We ended up conceiving a fresh new signature in a world that is already flooded with chairs.”

- Thomas Lykke, Designer, OEO Studio

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