The Stemlite was the first ‘total look’ lamp, a pioneering new typology conceived by American Designer Bill Curry in 1962, which replaced the traditional base-plus-shade form with a single self-contained unit comprising interchangeable modules. Now remastered by GUBI after almost half a century, the new collection comprises two table lamps, two floor lamps and a pendant, in a contemporary yet authentic color palette.

A lamp inspired by space-age

At the peak of the space race and at the heart of progressive art, architecture and design, Bill Curry was a living example of a young designer who translated new influences into pioneering organic space-age aesthetics.

His debut design, the much-emulated Stemlite, was named “most influential lamp of the year” by Industrial Design Magazine in 1965, used on the set of the original Star Trek TV series, and remained in production until 1977.

A hidden gem

Bill Curry captured the zeitgeist of West Coast America of the 1960s and ‘70s in his design: Combining new techniques, bold aesthetics and a pioneering approach to modular design, the Stemlite became an iconic symbol of this optimistic era.  Yet it remains relevant to contemporary global audiences, ready to rediscover its charm.

Ambient lighting

The gentle glow of the frosted glass globe creates an atmosphere which complements both modern and traditional interiors.


Underneath the globe is a simple rotary dimmer switch, giving intuitive control over the light intensity. The simple, slender, tulip-like stem is available in Black Chrome, Red Black, and Pebble Gray.


With the Stemlite Collection’s modular approach, you can mix and match the complementary range of configurations available. Two heights of Floor Lamp are available which can be paired with each other, or combined with the Stemlite Table Lamps and Pendant.

Designed by Bill Curry

 American designer Bill Curry (1927-1971) captured the zeitgeist of the 1960s and ‘70s with his iconic lamp designs. From his unique Los Angeles vantage point at the meeting point of art, design and engineering, during an era defined by the space race, pop culture and a new forward-looking optimism, he was recognized as one of California’s leading designers by the time he died at the age of just 43. 

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