Dining tables might steal the limelight, but coffee tables, lounge tables and side tables are the unsung heroes of furniture. We use them for everything from casual dining to informal working, from displaying our finest art books and curios to stashing the remote control. We balance our drinks, our snacks and sometimes even our feet on them, so perhaps it is time to pay them a little more attention.

Make a statement

Coffee tables, lounge tables and side tables are the perfect accent pieces with which to add color or texture to an interior space – they can be used to make a statement or gently counterbalance imposing pieces

The bold materiality of the Epic Table’s travertine stone will add a sculptural quality and sense of presence to an understated interior, while the glass surface and clean lines of the Pedrera Table lends lightness to complement a confident scheme.

Similarly, combining a linear table – such as the Square TS Table – with soft, curving furniture, or a rounded choice – such as the Paper Table – with more angular pieces, will provide balance.


Create clusters

Instead of just one table, why not try grouping different tables into clusters of three or more? Odd numbers work particularly well.