5321 Table Lamp

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Paavo Tynell’s fanciful take on nature is
gracefully echoed in the 5321 Table Lamp,
designed by the Finnish designer in 1938.
Under the distinctive shell-inspired brass
shade, the bulb subtly appears from beneath;
a picturesque detail resembling the desirable
sea shell pearl and making the 5321 Table
Lamp a perfect example on how Tynell
brought a playful nature and romance to the
simplified style of mid-century modernism.
Blending timeless aesthetic with a unique
sense of form, the 5321 Table Lamp adds
an exquisite character to complement any
modern space. Both decorative and functional,
the lamp is a balance of elegance and
curiosity, providing a design that is at once
subtle and surprising.

Available mid August 2018.