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Bat Dining Chair, Plastic edition

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The Bat Dining Chair is created with a Scandinavian approach to crafts, simplicity and functionalism by Danish-Italian design-duo GamFratesi. The embracing shell with armrests equally embodies both aesthetics and comfort while carrying strong references to the interesting and distinctive shape of a bat’s wingspan.
The wide range of shell colours provides for a personalised expression that makes the Bat Dining Chair fit perfectly into a variety of public and private contexts.
Designed by GamFratesi
GamFratesi Studio was established in 2006 by the Danish architect Stine Gam (born 1975) and the Italian architect Enrico Fratesi (born 1978). GamFratesi belongs to the latest generation of furniture architects and together they represent a new interpretation of the meeting between Danish and international design traditions.
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Total Dimensions (DxWxH):
57x61x83 cm
Sitting height:
45 cm
Seat width:
45 cm
Seat depth:
44 cm
Seat height:
45 cm
Back height:
40 cm
Armrest height:
66 cm
Armrest - distance between:
51 cm
Base/leg thickness:
Ø1,0-1,6 cm
Frame width:
50 cm
Frame depth:
48 cm
Weight (kg):