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G-10 Pendant

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Designed in the 1950’s by Greta M. Grossman, the G-10 Pendant is another of her undiscovered designs. The pendant is characterised by its industrial look with a rough surfaced lampshade and clean lines, but at the same time holds a soft, feminine and elegant silhouette - which to some draw associations to a woman’s hat that adorned the streets in the 50’s. Always with a twist of humour, Grossman’s design encourages for playful and experimental installations in pairs or clusters. However, the pendant looks great as a single feature over a dining table as well.

The G-10 lamp was produced, as many of Grossman's other work, in both America and her native Sweden, where this collection draws its features after the Swedish version. The lamp was Greta M. Grossman's 10th product for the Swedish manufacturer Bergboms, therefore the name G-10.

Lamp height:
30 cm
Shade dimensions:
Ø36,5x21,5 cm
Canopy dimensions:
Ø8x4 cm
Weight (kg):