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Turbo Pendant - 36cm diameter

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Louis Weisdorf's Turbo Pendant was designed in 1965, but first put into production in 1967 and has achieved great success over the years. It illustrates design at its best: it is simple in form, yet complex in structure and combines a sense of airiness and strength in a beautiful sculptural whole.

The inspiration for the lamp is the lightness of the Japanese rice paper transformed into a more durable and sturdy version. The outer curve of the lamp is made of twelve similar spiral lamellae, that form a flower-like globe that shields the light. The Turbo Pendant is a perfect example of Weisdorf's passion for multiply repeating elements that he used for most of his works.

Designed by Louis Weisdorf

Louis Weisdorf (born in 1932) is a well-known Danish architect and designer. After graduating from the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 1954, Weisdorf worked with everything from graphic-, interior- and industrial design, to recreational areas as well as most fields within the building trade. He described his career as "specialises in versatility", which, quite perfectly, sums up the long and notable career of this multi-designer.


Today, Weisdorf lamps are collectors' items and can be bought on auctions.

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Lamp height:
36 cm
Lamp stand:
Ø36 cm
Shade dimensions:
Ø36x36 cm
Canopy dimensions:
Ø11,5x6 cm half ball shaped
Weight (kg):